Multi-purpose pods

Seeds are beautiful, practical and versatile. We can plant them just about anywhere, indoors or out. Once they’re in place they give you private, peaceful breakout space, however big and busy the environment.

Airports and stations

In a busy public concourse or an exclusive business lounge, Seed pods provide wonderfully welcome respite from hustle and bustle.

Your Seeds can be meeting spaces for business, offer a private booth for FaceTime or Skype, a place for families to regroup or just to relax. Seed pods move from one zone or floor to another, and they can easily be customised or branded, inside and out.


Plant a row of Seeds on your festival site and create another level of experience.

Plug in your own sounds and hold a party-within-a-party. Use your pods for communication, promotion, retail or information. Make a meeting point for lost property or missing children. Brand pods with a sponsor’s livery, or customise them with artwork. Plant your Seed pod in minutes, on any patch of flat ground. And when the Festival comes to an end, your Seeds can be stored for next year or moved on to the next event.

Exhibitions and trade fairs

Trade shows are busy public events, but they’re also for serious business.

Use your Seed pods to explain the finer points to keen customers. Prepare quotes, negotiate deals or sign contracts. Bring in a laptop and video conference the other side of the world. All in the quiet and privacy that Seeds provide. Pods can be customised with your logo and when the show’s over, they’re easily dismantled for transport to the next venue.


Seeds can nurture learning in universities, colleges, schools and libraries. Plant Seeds for quiet concentration in a noisy environment.

Use your pods in a reception area, for applications or interviews or for a sensory facility wherever you need it. Move them where you want, anywhere on campus – for counselling or teaching, enrolment or tutorials, Freshers’ Week or graduation.

Public services

Seeds can be a useful resource in health and social care, housing departments, prison and probation services and many other public-sector functions.

Providing a safe, private space for people to discuss personal or sensitive issues, pods take the pressure off overcrowded and under-resourced facilities. Your Seed pod is an extra, private room, anywhere.

Seed pods can provide a safe, controlled environment. Pods allow you to manage sound and lighting for beneficial sensory conditions, while the ergonomic design is immediately welcoming and calming.

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