Seeds are not only beautiful on the outside…

Create the perfect mood inside with customisable light and sound.


Ambient lighting in Seeds provides a whole new user experience. The calming, welcoming nature of soft lights enhances Seeds with the benefit of being defined and controlled by the user. Use it as your own personal sensory space to think, relax and contemplate or as a haven to discuss personal or sensitive issues.


The reverberating bluetooth speakers create a high quality ‘hidden audio system’, effectively turning the whole pod into an internal speaker. Create a therapeutic space that supports interventions, for example mindfulness, one-to-one counselling and guided therapies.

Seeds come in a range of options.

Seed Pod

Seed pods can stand alone as modular units, inside or out. No requirement for power. Roof aperture allowing in natural light. With or without table. Can be planted anywhere.

Seed Pod: Light

Fitted with five LED lights in the base unit. Lighting is controlled via your mobile device or remote control and offers full RGBW spectrum with separate white LED for permanent use. For use indoors and out. Requires power source.

Seed Pod: Sensory

Full sensory Seed pods offer all the above plus high-quality audio capabilities. Connects to your devices and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Hire Purchase Agreements are available upon request.
Please see UK sales agreement for full terms and conditions.

Optional extras


Circular white table fits perfectly inside your Seed pod

Table with power sockets

Comes with power sockets in table top.

Weatherproof cap

650 x 10 mm poly carbonate disc provides protection from elements when using Seed pods outside

Hire Purchase Agreements are available upon request.
Please see UK sales agreement for full terms and conditions.

Individually crafted and finished by hand in the UK to order.


Seeds can accommodate 5 people
Pod overall: L2386 x W2386 x H2425 (mm)


Seeds are made from Class 2, fire retardant, polyester Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP). Finished in a white gelcoat it provides a hard, durable and chemically inert surface.

easy assembly

Portable and easy to assemble or dismantle without the need for additional tools. Seeds can be used as a permanent fixture or moved to a new location.

easy maintenance

The smooth internal surface meets infection control standards and can be cleaned with a wide range of cleaning products.

Worldwide delivery

Sanctuary anywhere you want it.

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