The story of Seeds

People enjoy private, enclosed space but often have to be in busy, open spaces. That’s the central thought behind Seeds. We developed the concept as a beautiful, welcoming, practical object, and an almost instant solution to the need for shelter.

Our inspiration came from our public service work where there’s often tension between the need for privacy, pressure on space and limited budgets. Specifically we wanted to help health professionals to serve their prison populations better. Seed pods provide private spaces where professionals and patients meet for mindfulness, counselling, health screening and other purposes.

We soon realised that what works in one complex environment can also be hugely valuable in many others.

From a hectic airport to a silent library, from a music festival to a high-street bank, there are many places and occasions where being secluded – temporarily and by choice – in our own space is highly beneficial.

We wanted our Seed pods to be moveable, flexible to our customers’ needs and easy to mobilise. So we looked at different materials, internal technologies and customisable surfaces. We engineered a form which can be assembled in less than half an hour, on virtually any surface as either a temporary or as a permanent feature. And we created something that’s beautiful as well as practical.

About Us

We are passionate about delivering innovations for positive change and better lives. Our skills cover design, architecture and health & wellbeing. We are proud of our track record in building sustainable partnerships to deliver our business – and in getting new products to market. We understand the way environments and space impact on the people using them – and how good design can transform how people experience their worlds, day to day.

Claire Shepherd

Founder and MD

Karl and I set up SAFE Innovations because we believe that everyone has value – and that by creating environments and space that enhance our value, we all grow. I love Seeds. Through Seeds I’m connecting to people all across the world. Speaking, listening, sharing and joining with others is special and makes me tick. I want Seeds to ‘propagate’ special connections for others too.

Karl Lenton

Founder and MD

I designed Seed pods to provide special spaces within busy environments where privacy is hard to find. Seeds have since taken on a life of their own; every time I sit inside one I instantly relax and travel to a happy place. I want Seed pods to bring this personal quality of space to many other people too.

Priti Parmar


I love sitting in Seeds, it makes me feel cosy, protected and coveted. My working background is supporting people with vulnerabilities such as homelessness, mental health issues and health problems. It’s a perfect space to talk privately and confidentially and takes you and others away from the harshness of other environments to have those important conversations.

I’d love to see how many people we could squeeze into a Seed – Mini style challenge!!

Richard Rowley

Business Development and Relationship Manager

I just love conversation, the buzz of speaking to new and exciting people to learn about their work, philosophies and ideas. Seeds is a groovy space for me to chat, play my eclectic mix of tunes – all whilst tweeting my little heart out! Sharing the experience of Seeds with others, whatever their need, is important to me.

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